Public Investment/Support

Public investment and support can either hinder or enhance food system security. Governments are positioned to address market failures of the economic system and help realize ideals commonly held by citizens. Governments of all levels set policies and spending priorities that have implications for the food system, and our ability to survive shocks to the system and adapt to long-term changes.

Food Policy

Food policy occurs at all levels of governance, and all governments and institutions play a role to ensure food security for their constituents. The scope of this topic includes decisions and processes that shape impacts and outcomes in all aspects of the food system.
[including subsidies, food justice, workers rights, land protection]

Urban agriculture strategies and guidelines in Vancouver

Revised Health Bylaw to allow urban apiculture in the city (2005)
Recommended Bright Green Future action: update beekeeping guidelines (2010)
Backyard hens
Passed bylaw to enable residents to keep backyard hens (2010)
Community gardens on city land other than parks
Drafted operational guidelines, management tools, and standards for community-operated gardens on City-owned non-park land (2010)
2010 by 2010 Community Garden Challenge
Continue legacy
Update City land list (2010)
Edible Landscaping
Recommended that City facilities include 25% minimum edible landscaping (GCAT)
Urban Agricultural Design Guidelines for the Private Realm
Passed guidelines to facilitate inclusion of shared gardening areas and other forms of urban agriculture in new developments