Local Food Economy and Infrastructure

The majority of food consumed in Vancouver is either supply managed by marketing boards or made available through globally competitive market systems that respond to consumer demand. These business systems deliver products to market in a system that optimizes resource use, minimizes costs to consumers, and maximizes profits. As long as food is treated as a commodity, food systems will largely be characterized by activities of economic agents such as farmers, brokers, processors, importers, exporters, and retailers.

The diversity of the food economy and the strength of individual actors all along the supply chain are significant determinants of the resilience of Vancouver's food system. A sustainable food system is economically and socially viable for all those involved, including farmers, workers, and consumers.

Competitive trade relations that work within ecological constraints enhance food security. In the face of uncertain and imminent changes to global food production capacity, it is pertinent to strengthen local food production and bolster our ability to supply food locally and abroad. With climate change and pending fuel shortages, production and distribution of food in this changing world needs to minimize fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture in the city supports our community's food security through food-growing and processing activities that foster learning and community and business opportunities, increase land area available for food production, and support facilities and infrastructure for neighbourhood-level food systems.

Community gardens in Vancouver

Garden Address Area Number of Plots Notes Code Sponsoring Org.
16 Oaks
1018 W 16 Av
1700m² 55 Developer Public
1755 West 14th - Private apartment building garden
1755 W. 14th
Private Apartment residents
2624 Franklin Street - Apartment
2624 Franklin St
110m² 2 private apt.bldg.
2805 Revelstoke Court
2805 Revelstoke Court
360m² Private
Acadia Park
Acadia Park Lane
1100m² 84 Acadia Park Lane and Melfa - UBC Lands 1
Adanac Park [proposed]
Adanac Park
Proposed - not yet developed Park Adanac Co-op
Arbutus Victory 1
7176 East Bl
8400m² 41 address is immediately east of the garden Engineering City of Vancouver
Arbutus Victory 2
8280 East Bl
2025m² 25 address is immediately east of the garden Engineering City of Vancouver
Attira Community Garden
400 Block Hawks St
350m² 15 Private Atira Community Resources
Cedar Cottage Community Garden
2021 Stainsbury Av
1200m² 61 1200 combined with Phase 2 BC Transit Trout Lake Food Security Network
Cedar Cottage Phase 2
2019 Stainsbury Av
0m² 40 RES & Eng Trout Lake Food Security Network
Champlain Place Community Garden
3201 E 58 Av
75m² 8 Private BC Housing
Chester's Field Community Garden
5333 Chester St
560m² 9 RES & Eng Friends of Chester's Field
Cheyenne Street Garden
2775 Cheyenne Ave
1080m² 30 new. 1080, 1/4 with beds RES Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security
Chimo Terrace Youth Garden
2107 Wall St
90m² 5 adjacent, property to north Engineering
China Creek Housing Co-op
1230 E 8th Av
1130m² 30 address is immediately east of the garden RES China Creek Housing Co-op
China Creek South
1255 E 10th Av
340m² 23 Park Urban Diggers
City Hall Child Care Centre & SPEC garden
2615 Cambie St
90m² 25 at City Square mall RES SPEC
City Hall Garden
453 W 12 Av
540m² 36 RES/Facilities Evergreen
City View Baptist Church
4370 Sophia St
6 Private Neighbours