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How Food Secure is Vancouver?

In 2008, the Vancouver Food Policy Council (VFPC) embarked upon a two-year Food Secure Vancouver Study (FSVS). We wanted to identify, review and analyze the key factors that support and enhance Vancouver's food security.

The resulting study establishes an integrated and ongoing review, analysis, and reporting process that monitors the status of Vancouver’s food security, informs citizens and decision-makers of that status, and identifies priority actions for improving and maintaining the sustainability and security of all aspects of Vancouver’s food system.

Enjoy the fruits of our research.

foodsecurevancouver.ca was created to compile the massive amounts of hard data harvested throughout the course of the Food Secure Vancouver Study and share it with the public in a bite sized user friendly web format.

A complete .zip of the hard data used in this site can be downloaded here as excel spreadsheets: foodsecurevancouver_xls_all.zip

You can download & review the results of the study in our report:
How Food Secure is Vancouver in a Changing World? (2.1MB pdf)

Why Food Secure Vancouver?

Our community’s food security and the resilience of our food system depend on a broad array of dynamic, interrelated economic, environmental, and social conditions. Rapid change is occurring in each of these areas at global and local levels. Governments, public agencies, and citizens need to understand the impact of the changes facing us, respond proactively to the challenges, and design responses that will feed us.

There is an urgent need for immediate and comprehensive planning for food security through pending changes in food supply and trade patterns and global environmental systems. Policy is needed at all levels to ensure environmental protection, local production of healthy food, and access for all.