All residents need access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food. Food is physically available to individuals, who have the resources to grow or buy and prepare it. The ability of individuals to access food is directly related to their level of income and/ or access to resources to produce food, the price of food, and the availability of a sufficient supply of food for all people.

Food Resources

Food resources are government-, charity-, or community-supported programs and services that provide access to food and related resources to community members.
- Community food resources: meal delivery services; community kitchens
- Charitable food services: free and low-cost meals and shelters with meals; food banks and food distribution centers (unprepared food or food hampers)
- Government food programs: funding mechanisms and delivery through public institutions that facilitate access, build capacity, and address needs and gaps fairly.

Name Phone Contact / Email Website Notes
Dugout Drop-in Centre 604-685-5239 community food provider
Dunbar Community Centre 604-222-6060 community food provider
East Vancouver Aboriginal Diabetes Coalition network
Eastside Family Place Society 604-255-9841 skill building
Edible Garden Project community garden
Environmental Youth Alliance 604-689-4463 skill building
Evelyn Saller Centre 604 665 3075 client/ resident food program
Evergreen Community Health Centre 604-872-2511 health
FarmFolk/CityFolk Society 604-730-0450 local food
First Baptist Church 604-683-8441 community food provider