All residents need access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food. Food is physically available to individuals, who have the resources to grow or buy and prepare it. The ability of individuals to access food is directly related to their level of income and/ or access to resources to produce food, the price of food, and the availability of a sufficient supply of food for all people.


The food system delivers sufficient food from producers to consumers, and provides reasonable dietary consumer choice of healthy, cultural, religious food. Food is available to residents through diverse sources: stores, farmers markets, farm direct, CSAs, buying clubs, other. Food sources are located along transit routes and within walking distance in neighbourhoods. Residents with mobility assistance aids can move around in food stores and markets. Suitable land is available in the city for community food production.

Food Delivery Programs in Vancouver

Program Name Address Contact Notes
Avalon Dairy various locations
phone: 604-434-2434
Home and Commercial deliveries are handled by "OWNER OPERATORS"
Dairyland Home Services various locations
phone: 1-800-667-1228
Green Earth Organics 1864 Triumph Street
V5L 1K2
phone: 604-708-2345
Grocer Gunst email:
Martin Gunst. Produce from farm delivered by bicycle.
IGA various locations
all 7 Vancouver stores offer delivery service
Ladybug Organics email:
confirm still operating
Organics at Home 1479 Hunter Street
V7J 1H3
phone: 604-983-6657
North Vancouver office
Safeway various locations
phone: 1-800-723-3929
SPUD - Small Potatoes Urban Delivery 1660 E. Hastings Street
V5L 1S6
phone: 604-215-7783
Stongs 4560 Dunbar St.
V6S 2G6
phone: 604-630-3154
7 am - 10 pm, 7 days a week, $50 minimum, $7 delivery charge
Super Delivery Vancouver 2357 Main Mall
phone: 604-800-0489
Supervalu 1255 Davie Street
phone: 604-688-0911
24 hour supermarket and they offer delivery service from Mon-Sat. Few dollars for delivery fee, orders must be over $25
The Bread Truck 804 Carleton Crt, Delta, BC
V3M 3M1
phone: 604-588-5623
Lower Mainland home-delivery service of bakery products delivered to your doorstep oven-fresh that same day