All residents need access to affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food. Food is physically available to individuals, who have the resources to grow or buy and prepare it. The ability of individuals to access food is directly related to their level of income and/ or access to resources to produce food, the price of food, and the availability of a sufficient supply of food for all people.


The food system delivers sufficient food from producers to consumers, and provides reasonable dietary consumer choice of healthy, cultural, religious food. Food is available to residents through diverse sources: stores, farmers markets, farm direct, CSAs, buying clubs, other. Food sources are located along transit routes and within walking distance in neighbourhoods. Residents with mobility assistance aids can move around in food stores and markets. Suitable land is available in the city for community food production.

Food box programs in Vancouver

Program Name Address Contact Notes
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Steeves Manor, 1985 Wallace Street
phone: 778-371-4664
3rd Thursday of the month, from 1 to 4 pm.
Vancouver Native Health Society phone: 604-254-9949
The Good Food Box is a community- based program with a focus on purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables. We provide an opportunity for people to pick up a box of produce once a month at a low price, from a local depot. The local depots can be anywhere, from your front porch, a local community centre,an organization or neighborhood house.